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Doxa Sinistra The Other Stranger + Strange 7 Inch The Actor Exploded View + Demos 1981-1984 Double-LP
7 Inch On London's Midnight Drive: a newly mastered version of the famous Doxa Sinistra track together with the never before on vinyl rhythm piece 'Strange'. 500+ copies. Sold out.

40th anniversary double-LP on Mannequin: The minimal synth classic, enriched with a full-lenght LP of demos from 1981-1984. 600 copies, of which 100 copies on colored vinyl with poster. Only few left!

King Ende Shneafliet Dimension Mix 01 LP dr. C. Stein Selected Works 1983-1988 LP
LP on Artificial Dance: Mind altering, forward thinking, spaced-out, effects-laden, sample-heavy, reverberating, pulsating proto-electro magic. 300 copies. Released September 2018.

LP on Jj Funhouse: A perfect dream sequence of softspot hitters. Get the needle in and give yourself a shot of the doctor's pink plastic medicin. 500 copies. Released November 2017. Only a few dozen left!

Doxa Sinistra Newsflashes Double-12 Inch Ende Shneafliet Synthimental Love Songs LP
double-12 Inch on Trumpett: Doxa Sinistra's 3rd album, originally released on tape in 1988. Remastered by Ruud Lekx for 45rpm. 340 copies. Available from all good record stores worldwide.

LP on Trumpett: The label's major act Ende Shneafliet have 11 more classic tracks released on LP. 320 copies on crystal clear vinyl. Available from all good record stores worldwide.

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Endangered Species Vol.1 12 Inch EP Additive Noise Function 1978-1984 Triple-LP
12"EP on Dark Entries: Endangered Species Vol.1 features 5 specimens previously deemed extinct, including The Actor's super rare Picture 210 (Demo). Released October 2020.

3xLP Set on Cherry Red: Additive Noise Function features high lights from the 3 Close To The Noise Floor CD-Box compilations, including André De Koning's wacky Party Talk. Released March 2019.

The Free Companions

TRUM 0582d - A. VAN GARDE Virgin P. (Alpine Kombination In Crans-Montana Schnitt) - 320kbps MP3
TRUM 0612d - C. STEIN Liège In The Spring (Lautstärkekrieg Schnitt) - 320kbps MP3
TRUM 0632d - DOXA SINISTRA Noise Painting, Tableau 1 (Inversion Riegshagen) - 320kbps MP3
TRUM 0732d - DOXA SINISTRA Intro Sinistra (Modificare Collaborazione) - 320kbps MP3
TRUM 0762d - DOXA SINISTRA Media Bomb (Slow Detonator) - 320kbps MP3
TRUM 0772d - ENDE SHNEAFLIET Synthimental Love Song - 320kbps MP3

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