Das Trumpett Archiv Den Burg - Museum für Minimalkunst (TRUM 0137)

Trumpett Graphika's front cover design of the catalogue for the Trumpett exhibition in
TRUM 0137, the former NATO headquarters on Texel.
Das Trumpett Archiv is built on top of Collectiecentrum Trumpett (CCT). The Trumpett
Group was able to acquire the 9-levels underground structure, left by NATO in 1961, due
to the generosity of the Trumpett Foundation, the Freakowitz Stuffed Drawer Archives,
Panzerbunker Tonstudio 194, the C. Stein Studios, the A. Van Garde Society and
Bob Cylon, major of Den Burg, Texel.
The interior was redesigned by Zivago Studios and the Trumpett Architektur Institut.
The first exhibition, Im Rausch Der Trumpett (TRUM 0499) opened on 2nd May 2006
to celebrate Trumpett's 25th anniversary.

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