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May 1999 Trumpett has started publishing web-only high quality MP3 mixes of favourite tracks by Ende Shneafliet, Doxa Sinistra, The Actor and other Trumpett artists, as well as previews of forthcoming CDR's and exclusive tracks, nowhere else published before. Availability is limited to 2 months per track due to the size=sound quality of the files! Download a free player from www.mp3.com, www.realplayer.com (Realplayer 8, recommended) or www.winamp.com. Click track to listen or click track with right mouse button and select "save target as" to download to your hard disk (or whatever).

May 1999:

Trumpetto & Einstein - Gas Op De Plank (Maximizing The Stereo Mix) 2:06 - TRUMWEP1.MP3 [1,99 Mb]
Original track released on TRUMPETTO Phobos (Kufucheops, KC 05, 1982). Written by Trumpetto & Einstein. Remix by Egbert Streuer & Rolf Billand for Trumwep © 1999.

May 1999 bonus track:

Chaurusz - Geef Me Nog Een Laatste Biertje (Kuttje Met Twee t Mix) 0:30 - TRUMWEP0.MP3 [465 Kb]
Original track released on CHAURUSZ Chaurusz (Birthday Tapes Society, BTS 691.01B, 1981). Written by Rudi Carrell. Remix by Trumpetto for Trumwep © 1999.

June 1999:

Ende Shneafliet - Alien (Destruction Total Mono) 3:21 - TRUMWEP2.MP3 [1,57 Mb]
Mono version of a track exclusivly recorded for Sweet Trumpett - Edition Speciale Ropido 27.6.99 (TRUM 0025/0030r). Original track released on ENDE SHNEAFLIET Animals From Outer Space (TRUM 0003, 1981). Written by Ende Shneafliet. Remix by Einstein for Trumwep © 1999.

July 1999:

Trumpetto - Pyramide Waanzin (Edit) 1:57 - TRUMWEP3.MP3 [991 Kb]
Preview of a track from the forthcoming archive CDR The Kufucheops Story 1981-1992 (Trumpett, TRUM 0074). Original track released on TRUMPETTO Kamer Van Den Chaos (Kufucheops, KC 01, 1981), the cassette based on C.F.Ph.D. Van Der Vecht's book Het Teeken In Egypteland (Trumpett, TRUM 0197, 1937). Edit by Zivago for Trumwep © 1999.

August 1999:

Freakowitz & C. Stein - Überall, Überall Wo Die Stimmen Freaken Ist Es Ball 3:57 - TRUMWEP4.MP3 [1,85 Mb]
Excerpt from the forthcoming double-CDR FREAKOWITZ & C. STEIN Pieces d'Avantgarde Electronique (TRUM 0209). Written by Freakowitz & C. Stein. Overload edit by Koerd Waldheim for Trumwep © 1999.

September 1999:

The Actor - Lights (Live In Paradiso April 25 1983) 6:26 - TRUMWEP5.MP3 [2,26 Mb]
Previously unreleased track from the forthcoming double-CDR The Trumpett Years 1982-1984 (TRUM 0094). Written by The Actor. Edit and EQ by Zivago for Trumwep © 1999.

October 1999:

Einstein - Harpi (The Day After Harry Bannink Died Mix) 5:25 - TRUMWEP6.MP3 [1,91 Mb]
Originally recorded in 1982 for the EINSTEIN Jeden cassette (TRUM 0015) but never released. Written by Einstein. Remix by Nikkelen Nelis & The Tea Room Tango Allstars for Trumwep © 1999.

November 1999:

Freakowitz & C. Stein - The Space Adventures Of... (Excerpt) 2:18 - TRUMWEP7.MP3 [1,05 Mb]
Originally recorded in 1980. From the forthcoming double-CDR FREAKOWITZ & C. STEIN The Space Adventures Of... (TRUM 0219). Edit and EQ by Flippowitz for Trumwep © 1999.

December 1999:

Doxa Sinistra - Sade Claus Is Coming To Town (Pits Of Hell Mix) 4:45 - TRUMWEP8.MP3 [1,66 Mb]
Originally recorded in 1985 for Oscar's Xmas Carols Vol. 2 (NOËL 2), to be re-released on CDR on Trumpett (TRUM 0231) in 2000. Written by Doxa Sinistra. Remix by Nirvana & W/E/I/R/D/O/ for Trumwep © 1999.

January 2000:

C. Stein - Mute Hahahahaha 3:31 - TRUMWEP9.MP3 [1,65 Mb]
Previously unreleased instrumental recorded in 1984. From his forthcoming CDR C. Stein Plays For You (TRUM 0272). Written by Cor Stein. EQ and edit by Zivago for Trumwep © 2000.

February 2000:

Endphase - Synthetic Man 4:19 - TRUMWE10.MP3 [1,97 Mb]
From the CDR ENDPHASE >I< (MPS-DISC 001/TRUM 0233) released in an edition of 33 on MPS and an edition of 6 on Trumpett. MARC PATRICK SCHAFFER (ENDPHASE) and ENDE SHNEAFLIET will have a split-7" (TRUM 0244) out on Trumpett later this year. Written by Marc Patrick Schaffer. Edit and EQ by Trumbot for Trumwep © 2000.

March 2000:

Ende Shneafliet - Le Clan Des Texeliens (Jean et Lino Mix) 1:15 - TRUMWE11.MP3 [884 Kb]
Ende Shneafliet - La Cabine Téléphonique 1:34 - TRUMWE12.MP3 [1,12 Mb]
2 previously unreleased instrumentals recorded in 1982. From the forthcoming CDR The Trumpett Tapes (TRUM 0262). Written by Ende Shneafliet. Edits by Zivago for Trumwep © 2000.

April 2000:

C. Stein - Liège In The Spring (Subsonic Administration Mix) 6:25 - TRUMWE13.MP3 [4,50 Mb]
Exclusive mix. Original version available on the forthcoming CDR Liège In The Spring/The Trumpett Cycling Tracks (TRUM 0202). Recorded in 1995. Written by C. Stein. Remix by Zivago for Trumwep © 2000.

April 2000 bonus track:

Doxa Sinistra - Kuomintang's Space Ballad No.2 (Chen Shui-Bian Mix) 2:03 - TRUMWE14.MP3 [1,44 Mb]
Remix of an alternate take of Doxa Sinistra's contribution to 1982's Colonial Vipers (TRUM 0008). Written by Doxa Sinistra. Remix by Bob Cylon for Trumwep © 2000.

Trumpett 19th Anniversary (27.4.2000) bonus track:

Wasmasjien - Wasmasjien (Mundial SS20 Mix) 4:27 - TRUMWE15.MP3 [3,13 Mb]
Exclusive Mix. Original version available on the forthcoming CDR The Birthday Tapes Society Story 1981-1995 (TRUM 0075). Recorded June 1986. Written by Wasmasjien. Remix by Rick De Sadeleer with intro and break by The Hand Of God for Trumwep © 2000.

May 2000:

A. Van Garde - Gouden Rhythmbox 2:40 - TRUMWE16.MP3 [1,87 Mb]
Bonus track from But What If These Tracks Are Your Heaven? (TRUM 0281). Not available on the new A. VAN GARDE Beton Uur (TRUM 0242) CDR. Recorded in 1983. Written by A. van Garde. EQ and edit by Zivago for Trumwep © 2000.

May 2000 bonus track:

Einstein & Freakowitz - Rendez-vous With Betsy (Dix-Huit Ans Déjà) 2:53 - TRUMWE17.MP3 [2,69 Mb]
A very exclusive mix, with catalogue number TRUM 0236. Original version recorded May 1982, released on TRUMPETTO's Phobos cassette (Kufucheops, KC 05), available on CDR via Trumpett (TRUM 0248). Written by Einstein & Freakowitz. Remix by Jean-Louis T. with outro by The Reverse Metabolic Distributor for Trumwep © 2000.

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