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Doxa Sinistra - Khayanart
From the album Via Del Latte (TRUM 0063)
C. Stein & Freakowitz - Der Tøt Vön Zeeuwes Mädchen
From the album Live On Stage/Der Tøt Vön Zeeuwes Mädchen (TRUM 0229)
André De Koning - Party Talk
From the album Common Mode (TRUM 0178)
Ende Shneafliet - Furniture
From the album Symphoy Romant (TRUM 0162)
Thromboh - Giovanni Battaglin
From the album The Trumpett Cycling Tracks (TRUM 0202)

Oui! - Scratch Loop
From the album Frenk's BTS Years 1983-1985 (TRUM 0175)
Doxa Sinistra - Modern Age
From the album Via Del Latte (TRUM 0063)
Depeche Code - La Bombe Plastic
From the album The Modulabel Story 1981-1983 (TRUM 0072)
Ende Shneafliet - Communication
From the album Harde Winters Anno 1982 (TRUM 0144)
C. Stein - Golden Magic
From the album C. Stein Plays For You (TRUM 0272)

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